Android Opera ー MIRROR | Dubai EXPO


“Android is a mirror.
Music is a mirror.
It is a reflection of yourselves.
What is the boundary between existence and non-existence?
What is the boundary between past and future?
And where do they exist?
Let’s celebrate this new experience together.”

– Keiichiro Shibuya





Creating a new opera through the collaboration of humans and robots.In the center of the stage, the android improvises its own melody and sings lyrics created by an AI lyricist. The android named Alter is surrounded by Buddhist monks chanting world peace with 1200 years of history of traditional music, and the piano + computer for electronic sound played by a composer and artist Keiichiro Shibuya. Furthermore, a full orchestra surrounds them in a circle to create a unified musical piece while showing the multiple layered contrasts between past and future, human and robot, tradition and technology, acoustic and electronics, etc. With the addition of significant lights reflecting off the android and electronic sounds echoing throughout the venue, you will find this experiment in creating a new model of harmony that never existed before.



Android Opera  ‘MIRROR’
Date: 2nd March, 2022
Venue: Jubilee Stage, Dubai EXPO
Concept, Composition, Direction, Piano, Electronics: Keiichiro Shibuya
Buddhist Music: Eizen Fujiwara, Yasuhiro Yamamoto, Jien Goto, Hoshin Tani
Orchestra: NSO Symphony Orchestra (UAE)
Android Programming : Shintaro Imai
Visual: Justine Emard
Lighting: Go Ueda
Sound: Yuki Suzuki
Technical Management: So Ozaki
Project/Production Management: Natsumi Matsumoto


Production: ATAK
Organizing: Japan Pavilion








©︎ATAK.Photograph by Sandra Zarneshan