THE END on The Beach


TITLE: THE END on The Beach
ARTIST: ADH + Miku Hatsune


Asia de Cuba、St. Regis Corniche Beach and Night Club


Fri, 18 nov 2016


YKBX renewed the imagery of “THE END”, It got more artistic and sharpness expression, repeating symbolic fragments of innumerable imagery loops in discontinuity, when “THE END” in a screen having 6 faces is replaced into a piece of huge screen.
And Tomohito Wakui participated in the edit of the imagery.


Music by Keiichiro Shibuya+evala(ATAK Dance Hall)
Visual by YKBX
Sound Mix by Yoshiyuki Kanamori
Visual System by Masato Tsutsui
Visual Edit by Tomohito Wakui
Technical Coordination by So Ozaki


ATAK Dance Hall(渋谷慶一郎 + evala)
since 2002, established ATAK, it has updated a field of electronic musics. It is not only a label releasing domestic and overseas works, bot also a artists’ collective combining music, fashion and design. Keiichiro shibuya and evala, central members in ATAK, started “ATAK Dance Hall”, a lap top duo for floor and dance music.


Videographer. He direct and produce each imagery works, illastrations and graphic designs. He is highly evaluated at his works aiming a total art directions in domestic and overseas movie festivals, events etc.


Tomohito Wakui
Tomohito Wakui was born in 1990 in Niigata. He currently continues to live and work based in Tokyo. His practice includes film pieces as well as work made by combining common junk parts with audio and other components and programming them, in order to produce art that expresses technology’s primitive possibilities. He re-perceives the notion of data in its most fundamental sense, and in doing so, searches – through art – for the next evolution within humanity’s history.
Significant recent exhibitions include ‘Aoi Yasashisa Ni Dakarete’ (Naonakamura, Tokyo, 2012) and ‘Long,Long,Long’ (Garter, Tokyo, 2016). Selected group exhibitions include ‘Genkai Toka Ne-Shi Limiter cut Shiteru Shi Ten’ (Higure 17-15 cas, Tokyo, 2013), ‘Tensai High School!!!!’ (Yamamoto Gendai, Tokyo, 2013), ‘Tabikoen (Dorifuto)’ (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 2015) and ‘Genbutsu Over Dose’ (Kitakore Building, Tokyo, 2015).


Masato Tsutsui
VJ, programer. He pursue the goodness of imagery’s universality by a initiative approach making full use of tecnhology. He attended in 『METAMORPHOSE』『SonarSound Tokyo』『electraglide』『FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL』『BIG BEACH FESTIVAL』 as VS.