JARUJARU JART presents「Super Skit PLUS feat. Keiichiro Shibuya」@Spiral Hall, Tokyo


Keiichiro Shibuya performed on September 15 at the Spiral Hall in Omotesando, where the comedian duo  JARU JARU’s popular live “Super Skit LIVE ”.
“Super Skit LIVE” means that they take inspiration from the title made on the spot and improvising perform a new skit. As a special guest, Keiichiro joined and made a new collaboration with them that he added music on the spot with piano and electronics. Whole stage to be produced by Mitsuru Kuramoto, who has written many popular comedy programs such as “Downtown DX” and “M-1 Grand Prix.”


Spiral Hall
9/15 13:30 OPEN 14:00 START