No.5 Techno Udon@Tokyo Tower Studio, Tokyo


Tokyo Tower Studio
2015/4/4 7:00~14:00


Keiichiro Shibuya played DJ performance in the event called Techno Udon.

Techno Udon is a project born in 2012 based on the idea of ​​”What if you step on udon instead of dancing to techno?”

SOLD OUT at the pre-sale stage in the second performance from that innovative idea. After that, the scale gradually expanded, and the fourth event in July last year recorded more than 1,000 visitors. The curtain closed with a great success, with restrictions on entry on the day.

In this 5th edition, the scale is further expanded to enjoy more than before!
It is decided to move the place to Tokyo Tower Studio and hold it!

The event will be held on April 4 (Sat). In this season of cherry blossoms, if you step on the udon, you can go up in Tokyo Tower.
Or it is good to have a cherry blossom viewing as it is. In 2015, the day when you can most enjoy Tokyo Tower is coming !?