2014/10/7 door open 19:30 / start 20:00


Piano, Computer : Keiichiro Shibuya (ATAK)
Monitoring Camera System : Masato Tsutsui (Arque Inc.)
Live Sound System : Yoshiyuki Kanamori (Oasis Sound Design)

The concert is monitored by a surveillance device, and the music is monitored by an audience.


The movements of fingers and hands playing the piano or computer, the moments of keystrokes, the swaying emotions and facial expressions, all of which are constantly monitored and photographed by three cameras, are projected in extremely divided / expanded performances.


From piano solos to piano and computer duos, improvisations, etc., as if they were in the middle of a song being composed, this secret concert is even closer to the audience and music than the salon at the time.It is also a sneak peak experience to see the composer’s brain.


Also, the idea of ​​a concert is to present the so-called border fluctuations of composition and performance, pop and experiment, acoustic and technology, watching and listening.


The songs played include new computer and piano songs, a lot of film music, piano solos selected from “for maria”, and vocaloid opera “THE END” announced at Chatelet Theater last year. It will be played by a piano and a computer instead of the vocals of Hatsune Miku.
At the same time, it is a progress report of new and beautiful ongoing music creation using the latest technology.


Also, in some parts of the concert, the audience can look further and focus on the musicians, and by presenting relationships to monitor/be monitored, the moment the music is born and the emotions of the performance are extremely close-up.
In the sense that the actual live performance progresses while watching the video, this attempt gives a strong feeling of installation and performance.