Keiichiro Shibuya joined the project ““NIKELAB RADIO*” run by NIKE Japan which to deliver the contents of (x)SESSION, a crossover of physical expression and music.
“NIKELAB RADIO*” is under the concept of NIKELAB and is always an experimental place as a LAB. Breaking down the boundaries of sport, culture, and generation combines different values to create innovations.
The android Alter3 listens to Shibuya’s improvised piano and sings in real-time, without any pre-written program of melodies or chords, taking human and android improvisation to the next level.

Composition, Piano: Keiichiro Shibuya
Vocal: Alter3 (Supported by mixi, Inc.)
Android Programming: Shintaro Imai
Video: cekai
PA: Yoshiyuki Kanamori, Yu Kudo (oasis)
Recording: Keitaro Iijima (oasis)
Special thanks: Kunitachi College of Music