22 May 2004 Released

I have once released stilluppsteypa’s album “Has(Or Has Not) Happened” for a label “meme”.
The album was a full of mystery although i was involved in.
It seemed to be puzzling what they wanted to do, how they did it and why it was like that.
Stilluppsteypa themselves is under wraps.
Their music is roughly categorized in experimental electronic music.
But their sound is not like any other artists at all.
Their mysteries are now deepened more than ever in the latest album, in which one of a member left and they becomes duo. stillupsteypa is a sphinx of electronic music.


Atsushi Sasaki (headz/fader)



I am still enjoying listening to this album at my studio.
I love it so much. honestly, this is for a person with hangover. it’s like seeing sound with naked eyes and then finding it bit by bit as particles through microscope.


Mihara Yasuhiro [sosu/mihara yasuhiro]