slipped disk

29 November 2002 Released

Slipped disk is a laptop duo formed by founding members of the ATAK label, musician keiichiro shibuya and dj/model maria.
with its exciting blend of complex electronica sounds and hard rhythmic grooves, their november 2002 debut album ATAK 001 slipped disk caused a stir in cutting-edge music, art and design scenes. thomas brinkman (a.k.a. soul center) acclaimed: “a powerful hypnotic trip. cyber romantic, full of surprise!
cgood sound! i like it.”slipped disk has performed with artists such as carsten nicolai, karafoto, numb, dj klock, staubgauld, portable[k]ommunity, mertzbow, and aoki takamasa.
live performances highlight slipped disk’s unique style.
as various sound files are fragmented and then recombined, the duo’s minimal sounds acquire a threatening tenseness, resulting in danceable tracks.
In december 2002 after releasing ATAK 001 slipped disk, keiichiro shibuya took part in a pre-opening event and a compilation cd for the mori art museum.
the cd, open mind, consisted of new work by some of the most important sound and media artists working on digital technology, such as masami akita (merzbow), ryoji ikeda, numb and takamasa aoki, and others.
slipped disk releases its music on record label, ATAK, but producing music is just the beginning of ATAK’s capabilities.
ATAK is comprised of specialists in fields ranging from programming, space and product design to visual art, graphic and web design.
future projects for ATAK will include the production of science technology, fashion and installation, all of which aim to take music out of its framework to focus on its essence.


a powerful hypnotic trip.
cyber romantic, full of surprise! never got it before!!!
good sound! i like it.
_________Thomas Brinkmann