Keiichiro Shibuya×Kohichiro Shima’s
Radio Program 10.16 start!

Radio program 『Second foreign language with Keiichiro Shibuya×Kohichiro Shima』 have a subtitle 「”knowledge useless immediately” will start on October 21.

They talk about the things that they interested in: Music, Literature, Social and Culture, for example, Michel Houellebecq, Takashi Matsumoto, and Socrates and Praton etc.
And Keiichiro Shibuya composes a new song for this program.

Second foreign language with Keiichiro Shibuya×Kohichiro Shima』
Date:every 3rd Friday 21:00 ~ 21:30


The picture work which Keiichiro Shibuya to set to music
Aki Kuroda & Justine Emard『DARKNESS IN PARADISE (2016) 』


We can go on a trip in a tableau of 270*480 of Kuroda Aki. It seems to go into the cave of Lascaux. Space city to drift between space-time, matter to flow. The memory that appears and depressed, fades away. It is deep and slips in darkness lightly.

Date:2016.9.23 Open:19:00 ~ Start:19:30 ~
Adv:2,500yen Day:3,000yen (+drink 700yen)


The Danish Royal Family are going to see it!
“THE END” of Keiichiro Shibuya + Hatsune Miku
is given a performance in Germany


The Vocaroid Opera ”THE END”, proved to be a great success all over the world will be held in Hamburg, Germany and Aarhus in Denmark in this August.
The Aarhus Festival they will perform in is the biggest festival in the Europe, expected that more than 30,0000 visitors come.
Keiichiro Shibuya and Hatsune Miku will perform in the opening GARA Festival, The Danish Royal Family are going to see it.

Aarhus Festuge
Date:Fri, 26 Aug 2016
Venue:Musikhuset Aarhus(address:Thomas Jensens Allé 2, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark)


THE END in Germany and Denmark


The Vocalic Opera “THE END” will be will be held in Hamburg, Germany and Aarhus in Denmark in this August.

Date:18,19,20 Aug 2016
Venue:Kampnagel(address:Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg, Germany)

Aarhus Festuge
Venue:Musikhuset Aarhus(address:Thomas Jensens Allé 2, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark)


Keiichiro Shibuya × Kaie Murakami × Shin Suzuki × Kohichiro Shima
Kettle talk show in Fukuoka


A public recording for “NAVIGATION” will be held in Rethink Books, Fukuoka. Keiichiro Shibuya, Kaie Murakami, Shin Suzuki and Koichiro Shima, the chied editor of “Kettle” will talk about the rules of success for loves and works.

Welcome the local peoples and the others. You can get radical talks, and hints from the members in the forefront in the each industries.

Date:Fri, 5 Aug 2016 19:00 ~ 21:00 (Open:18:30 ~ )
Price:1500+500yen 1drink


Keiichiro Shibuya plays a bombed piano, on 5th August
in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park


Keiichiro Shibuya will performance in Hiroshima international peace art festival “2016 ONE DREAM”.

The grand piano which he plays has been bombed with an atomic bomb dropped on August 6, 1945 in Hiroshima.

This event is broadcasted live with “Antia’s Way” of Times square.

Venue:Motoyasu-gawa Terrace, in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
No charge


up-coming creator in “the track maker 4th”


Keiichiro Shibuya play a set by the real-time programming only using rhythm box TR-808 in this time. Through the stimulating contest of talent to sit astride with various genres, I would like you to feel the future of the music scene in Japan.

Artist: Keiichiro Shibuya、Seiho、Avec Avec、Licaxxx
Date: Fri 15 Jul 2016 OPEN:23:00 ~
Price:¥2800(1D) ADV 、 ¥3500(1D) DOOR

track maker 4th


Mori, Michi, Ichiba 2016
Keiichiro Shibuya performs as DJ


Mori, Michi, Ichiba official web

Date:13-15 May 2016
Artists: JIMIHENDRIXXX (a.k.a Keiichiro Shibuya) performs on 14 May(sat).
Venue:Otuka kaihin ryokuchi (Laguna Beach)
2-39 Kaiyocho, Gamagori-shi, Aichi


in Tokyo

“PIGALLE” has presentation for the collectionon of 2016/17 AW at Tokyo ahead of the world.

With this, Keiichiro Shibuya performs at the presentation. He prays sets a piano and a computer in the space of the presentation. He creates music on the spot.

Date:Fri 22 Apr 2016 18:30 ~ 21:30

Venue:Somewhere in Tokyo

19-11 Maruyamacho Shibuya, Tokyo


The first radio sound 「AVALON」
Delivery-limited release


J-WAVE’s spring new program “AVALON” will start on April 4. “AVALON” written as a this radio program’s theme music is sold from more than 30 digital distribution stores which is cooperating with TuneCore JAPAN – for example, iTunes, more, and LINE MUSIC and so on. And later, high-quality sound will sell from OTOTOY.

Until now, he have never tried to compose the sound of radio program. Keiichiro Shibuya produces all about the sound of the radio program to the theme music ending, sound logo and a jingle.

Full version of this theme music that makes full use of the digital technology including the synthesizer, and was made is delivered.


Radio Station:J-WAVE 81.3FM
Date:Every Mon ~ Thu 22:00~23:30

iTunes Music Store – AVALON Keiichiro Shibuya

TuneCore Japan Keiichiro Shibuya