2023 05 12

Music performance for PRADA MODE TOKYO at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum


On May 12th and 13th, “PRADA MODE Tokyo” was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum – Japanese Garden. Architect Kazuyo Sejima curated the cultural program, with Keiichiro Shibuya participating.


On the 12th, a sound installation was presented in the Japanese garden, along with a performance using the Prophet-5. The garden was dotted with 24 speakers, from which sound files were programmed to play with randomized parameters such as pitch and position. This created a unique, site-specific soundscape that can only be experienced at that moment.
On the 13th, in the Western garden, a performance titled “Garden of Android” was played, also using the Prophet-5. The lyrics sung by “Alter 4” were generated by asking the AI about the event’s overview and teaching it about the background and story of the “Garden of Eden,” considered the ideal and origin of “gardens” in the West. The question posed to the AI was, “If you were to sing in the Garden Museum’s garden, what lyrics would you want to sing?” Additionally, all the melodies sung by “Alter 4” were improvised in response to the sound created by Shibuya.

Furthermore, at the end of the event, a discussion program on the theme of “Cities and Music” featured novelist Mariko Asabuki as a speaker.