Keiichiro Shibuya + Takashi Ikegami

In MEDIA AMBITION TOKYO 2014, the sound installation “filmachine” will be on exhibit.

about “filmachine”

it is produced by Keiichiro Shibuya, musician and Takashi Ikegami, complex science system. They made and released it at Yamaguchi Centre for Arts and Media. It was exhibited in Germany and France, 2011.

Tokyo City View, 52nd Floor, Roppongi Hills

Fri 7 Feb ~ Sun, 30 Mar 2014

(Sunday/Holiday: 10:00 ~ 23:00
Friday/Saturday /before a holiday: 10:00 ~ 25:00)



Keiichiro Shibuya Playing THE END
OSAKA Performance

PIANO Keiichiro Shibuya(ATAK)
Sound Yoshiyuki Kanamori(Oasis Sound Design Inc.)

Sun, 26 Jan 2014
1ST STAGE:Open: 15:30 ~ Start: 16:30 ~
2ND STAGE:Open: 18:30 ~ Start: 20:00 ~

Unreserved seat 5,000yen/casual seat(1DRINK)5,000yen

Club BBL member pre-sale:11/29(Fri)

* You can purchase the not only from the Billboard Live Osaka website (, but also from the following play guide.
TICKET PIA(P: 217-736) 0570-02-9999

Special Siate:

Billboard Live OSAKA
HERBIS PLAZA ENT B2 2-2-22 umeda, kita-ku, osaka-city
530-0001 OSAKA
TEL. 06-6342-7722

SPONSOR  Billboard Live OSAKA
COOPERATION ATAK /Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.


Keiichiro Shibuya × Mika Ninagawa

Mika Ninagawa is famous for art work with vivid colors. Keiichiro Shibuya is now in the limelight at his opera work staring Hatsune Miku. How are the backstages of their creation, about his wife’s death, complex for themselves and how to catch up the sense of the times etc.

Mika Ninagawa have photographed more than 500 famous person, for example AKB48, Go Ayano etc.What is the essence of bringing out new expression they themselves couldn’t meet?What is the reason she had shot the movie struggling with Erika Sawajiri and looking in her deep inside.

And Keiichiro Shibuya, made an unsolicited visit to a famous theater in Paris and achieved success of world’s first vocaroid opera “THE END”, had close reporting.How is the background he produced that work, Mika Ninagawa amazed how openly he show his inside, from his despair about wife’s death,

(Translated the original text in SWITCH Interview TATSUJIN-TACHI Official Page)
Keiichiro Shibuya(Musician)
Mika Ninagawa(Photographer・Movie Director)
Etsuji Toyokawa
Erika Sawajiri

Yo Yoshida 
Seiji ROkkaku

NHK E tele
Saturday January 18 2014

SWITCH Interview TATSUJIN-TACHI Official Page


Keiichiro Shibuya’s selected books fair
for a sale commemoration
「ATAK020 THE END Keiichiro Shibuya+Hatsune Miku」

For a sale commemoration of 「ATAK020 THE END Keiichiro Shibuya+Hatsune Miku」, his book fair will be hold featuring books he is influenced in when producing vocaroid opera「THE END」.

A dozen selected books have various genres such as brains science,art and cultural science. And the books he had will be sold.

Date:Friday January 17 2014~Friday February 7 2014


Keiichiro Shibuya Playing THE END

About “THE END”

Keiichiro Shibuya will be performing a much awaited piano solo concert in Tokyo Spiral hall.
Shibuya recently returned from a very successful overseas performance of “THE END” which was held on November 12th, 13th, and 15th at Theatre du Chatelet, a renown theater where Jean Cocteau, Picasso, and Satie collaborated.

The concert is titled “Keiichiro Shibuya Playing THE END”, and its main concept is based on playing a piano solo of the musical compositions of THE END.
He will also be playing from recent movie soundtracks such as “SPEC”, and “ATAK019″ and “for maria”, his latest works in line with THE END.

Shibuya will be playing the piano surrounded by multichannel speakers that will be brought into the hall.
It will exceed the sound system and stereo image of a conventional piano concert.
The performances in Tokyo Spiral Hall on December 27th & 28th have different playlists and content.
The audience has been limited to 300 through thorough consideration of the acoustical condition of the hall.
This show will surely be an instant sell out.
December 27th(Fri) 2013 OPEN 19:00 / START 20:00
December 28th(Sat) 2013 OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00

Piano Keiichiro Shibuya(ATAK)
Sound Yoshiyuki Kanamori(Oasis Sound Design Inc.)
Lighting Masayoshi Takada(RYU Inc.)

ADVANCE 5,000yen 
DOORS 6,000yen
・It is a concert for a limited audience of 300.
・All of the seats are non-reserved, on first-come-first- served basis.
・If the reservation tickets sell out, there will be no tickets sold on the day.

SPIRAL 3F, 5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
107-0062 JAPAN
T 03-3498-5793

How to reserve
Please make your reservation from the reservation form in the reservation page below.

December 27th(Fri) 2013
Reservation Page 2013.12.27 Keiichiro Shibuya Playing THE END

December 28th(Sat) 2013
Reservation Page 2013.12.28 Keiichiro Shibuya Playing THE END

Important points to note:
・Reservation change or cancellation after issuance of tickets cannot be made.

・All of the seats are non-reserved seats, and are on first-come-first-served basis. We are hoping for your kind understanding.

・For more information regarding the concert, please email:
Please email us for for further information. We do not accept telephone inquiries.


Takagi Klavier Inc.


Agency for Cultural Affairs’s
International Cultural Festival
East Asia Kyousei Forum 2013

「East Asia Kyousei Forum 2013」is hold to form philosophy for the future countries of east asia coexit in, cultured person, Artists and people of learning and experience about various field for culture in east asia meeting together.

It attempt to tighten network between persons concerned in culture and art up and send messages for the world from east asia contributing to coexistence in the world.
Day1:【Symposium City and Art】
Sunday December 8 2013

Keiichiro Shibuya(Musician/ Japan)
Toyoo Itou (Architect、Kumamoto Art Polis Commissioner / Japan)
Ong Keng-sen (Singapore Art Festival General director・Theatrical company Theater Works Singapore Art Director / Singapore)
Sunjung Kim (Curator・Samuso Director /South Korea)
Cai Guo-Qiang (Artist / China)
Kohei Nawa (Sculptor,Associate Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design / Japan)

Fumio Nanjo (Director of Mori Art Museum/ japan)
Day2:【Symposium Japanese Contemporary Culture in the world~Japonism and Cool Japan~】
Saturday December 7 2013

Wisut Ponnimit(Cartoonist・Animation Creator・Musician/ Thailand)
Jean-Francois Dufour (Representative of Japan Expo / France)
Thomas Sirdey(Deputy Representative Of Japan Expo / France)
滕軍 (Professor of Peking University・Lab Director of Peking University’s Institute of Foreign Language Department of Japanese, Japanese culture / China)
Bong Joon-ho(Movie Director/ South Korea)
Marty Friedman(Guitarist・Composer・Music Producer / USA)
Sebastian Masuda (Art Director/ Japan)

Tamotsu Aoki (Director of National Art Center, Tokyo / Japan)
Saturday December 7, Sunday December 8 2013

Sat. 7 Open 13:30 / Start 14:00 ~17:30
Sun.8 Open 13:30 / Start 14:00 ~17:00

Kyoto Gekijo (inside JR Kyoto Station Building)

Free (Prior Application)
You can apply for it here.


Keiichiro Shibuya × Sound & Recording
Two Songs in『THE END』at Piano version
are Distributed in DSD

On the plan of『Sound & Recording』,「Aria for Time」and 「Aria for Death」in 
『THE END』at Piano version are recorded by Keiichiro Shibuya himself. OTOTOY distribute that sound sources exclusively.
Recording Place:sonorium
Keiichiro Shibuya / THE END Piano version
(2.8MHz DSD+mp3 ver.)

【Distributing Price】
2.8MHz DSD+mp3 Only a bundle of purchase 500yen

【Track List】
01. Aria for Time and Space (Aria)_Close
02. Aria for Time and Space (Aria)_Far
03. Aria for Death (Aria)_Close
04. Aria for Death (Aria)_Far

You can buy and get more information here.


Keiichiro Shibuya × Kyoji Takahashi × Kenshu Shintsubo
「The Closeness and the Remoteness
for Photograph and Music」

A special interview will be hold at November 29 with Kyoji Takahashi, Kenshu Shintsubo and Keiichiro Shibuya.

Kyoji Takahashi has a great influence not only for 90’s field of photograph, but also for visual culture generally. Kenshu Shintsubo photographs for a lot of enterprise-promotion advertisement, music, movie, literary, fashion and architect, and he works with many creators in different fields. And Keiichiro Shibuya organizes his label and works flexibly in music crossing various fields.

Theme of this interview is 「Photograph and Music」.

This genius trio, presenting each works continuously with variable thought, talk about similarity and difference between photograph and music as media, the way of expression and concerns and interests for each other, openly and freely.
Keiichiro Shibuya(Musician)
Kyoji Takahashi (Photographer)
Kenshu Shintsubo (Photographer)

Shintaro Maki(IMA Media Project)
Friday November 29 2013 20:00 – 22:00

Bookstore B&B
2-12-4, Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 2F

1500yen + 1drink order
Reservation / INFO:


New Release

ATAK020 THE END Keiichiro Shibuya + Hatsune Miku

THE END – Théâtre du Châtelet

EU Edition
2013-11-04 Sony Music France より世界先行発売

Limited Edition (2CD+DVD+2BOOK)
EU Edition
2013-11-27 Sony Music Direct より日本国内発売

渋谷慶一郎+初音ミクのオペラ”THE END”のCDがついにリリース。

11月12,13,15日に行われるフランス・パリのシャトレ座で公演が世界的な注目を集めている、渋谷慶一郎+初音ミクによるオペラ 「THE END」のCDリリースがついに決定した。今年5月に東京・渋谷のオーチャードホールで公演しルイ・ヴィトンが衣装を担当するなど、常に大きな話題を集めてきた同作品だが、このCD盤のリリースによってついにその全貌が明らかになると言っていいだろう。

日本盤は11月27日にソニー・ミュージックダイレクトより「ATAK020 THE END Keiichiro Shibuya + Hatsune Miku」として完全限定の豪華版と通常盤の2種類がリリースされ、それに先立って11月4日にはダフト・パンクなどを擁するソニーミュージック・フランスより日本人としては前代未聞の世界先行発売として通常盤と同内容のCDがリリースされる。

豪華版はTHE ENDというテーマにちなんで「完全限定生産、20世紀記録メディアへのレクイエム仕様」としてLPサイズのボックスの中に、豪華執筆陣による100ページを超えるEPサイズのブックレット、カセットテープサイズのオペラ台本、CDサイズのパッケージに全曲、全ノイズを完全収録した2枚組CDと 「死のアリア」など3曲のPVと制作風景の記録などを所収したDVDを収めた、2CD+DVD+2BOOKという圧倒的なボリュームで、謎に満ちたTHE ENDの全てを徹底解剖した内容となっている。

特にブックレットではシャトレ座支配人のジャン=リュック・ショプラン、蜷川実花、茂木健一郎といったTHE END東京公演を観た各界著名人によるテクスト、インタビューの他に渋谷慶一郎による全曲解説が含まれるなど、ライナーノートやブックレットの範囲を逸脱した濃密な作りとなっている。また、通常盤では豪華盤とはアレンジの違う「時空のアリア」が収録され、ジャケットのデザインも異なるなど、見所が尽きないリリースとなっている。

ATAK020 THE END Keiichiro Shibuya + Hatsune Miku
Limited Edition


01. 序曲
02. ミクと動物(レチタティーボ)
03. 何しに来たの?(レチタティーボ)
04. 死のアリア(アリア)
05. 洞窟(レチタティーボ)
06. ガスマスクとガス(レチタティーボ)
07. インタールード1:タイプライター
08. 時空のアリア(アリア)
09. インタールード2:ミューテーション

01. Overture
02. Miku and Animal (Recitative)
03. What’d You Come Here For ? (Recitative)
04. Aria for Death (Aria)
05. The Cave (Recitative)
06. The Gas Mask and the Gas (Recitative)
07. Interlude 1: Typewriter
08. Aria for Time and Space (Aria)
09. Interlude 2: Mutation


01. きみをみていないと(レチタティーボ)
02. わたしが不完全だから(アリオーソ)
03. 超生物のテーマ(レチタティーボ)
04. 会いたかった(レチタティーボ)
05. 声と言葉のアリア(アリア)
06. 終わりのアリア(アリア)

01. I Have to Take Care of You (Recitative)
02. Because I Am Imperfect (Arioso)
03. Theme of Superanimal (Recitative)
04. I Missed You (Recitative)
05. Aria for Voices and Words (Aria)
06. Aria for the End (Aria)

DISC1 47’14”
DISC2 36’35”
Total Time 83’49”


01. 死のアリア(アリア)Music Video
02. 時空のアリア(アリア)Music Video
03. 終わりのアリア(アリア)Music Video
04. THE END Teaser
05. THE END 制作風景の記録

01. Aria for Death (Aria) Music Video
02. Aria for Time and Space (Aria) Music Video
03. Aria for the End (Aria) Music Video
04. THE END Teaser
05. Making Movie of THE END at YCAM

Total Time 39’35”

ATAK020 THE END Keiichiro Shibuya + Hatsune Miku
EU Edition

01. 序曲
02. ミクと動物 (レチタティーボ)
03. 何しに来たの?(レチタティーボ)
04. 死のアリア(アリア)
05. ガスマスクとガス(レチタティーボ)
06. 時空のアリア(アリア)
07. きみをみていないと (レチタティーボ)
08. わたしが不完全だから(アリオーソ)
09. 超生物のテーマ(レチタティーボ)
10. 会いたかった(レチタティーボ)
11. 声と言葉のアリア(アリア)
12. 終わりのアリア(アリア)

01. Overture
02. Miku and Animal (Recitative)
03. What’d You Come Here For ? (Recitative)
04. Aria for Death (Aria)
05. The Gas Mask and the Gas (Recitative)
06. Aria for Time and Space (Aria)
07. I Have to Take Care of You (Recitative)
08. Because I Am Imperfect (Arioso)
09. Theme of Superanimal (Recitative)
10. I Missed You (Recitative)
11. Aria for Voices and Words (Aria)
12. Aria for the End (Aria)

Total Time 75’57”

All Produced and Composed by Keiichiro Shibuya (ATAK)
Keyboards, Programming, Piano (Aria for Voices and Words): Keiichiro Shibuya

Additional Beat And Noise: Evala (ATAK, port)
Vocaloid Programming: Pinocchio P
Noise And Error Sound File: Takashi Ikegami (The University of Tokyo)
Guitar (Aria for Voices and Words): Yoshito Tanaka

Mixed by Taiji Okuda (StudioMSR, IXY Music Inc.)
Additional Mix by Keiichiro Shibuya, Evala
Mastered by Ted Jensen (Sterling Sound)

Art Direction & Design by Ryoji Tanaka (ATAK, Semitransparent Design)
Additional Design by Keiichiro Shibuya, Kenshu Shintsubo
Photograph by Kenshu Shintsubo
Illustration by YKBX

Printed by GRAPH