Talk: Hiroshi Ishiguro × Keiichiro Shibuya × Takashi Ikegami
Live Demonstration: Keiichiro Shibuya × Kouka-roid Live demonstration

5 -Hiroshi Ishiguro- Keiichiro Shibuya-photo-Justine Emard- Palais de Tokyo

Talk and Live event in the exhibition “STANCE or DISTANCE?” at Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto.
The exhibitor Hiroshi Ishiguro(roboticist at Osaka University) , Keiichiro Shibuya(musician), and Takashi Ikegami(complex system researcher at Tokyo University) talk about the relationship of art and science. After the talk, Shibuya plays with android robot Kouka-roid.

Hiroshi Ishiguro(roboticist at Osaka University)
Keiichiro Shibuya(musician)
Takashi Ikegami(complex system researcher at Tokyo University)
Kohei Ogawa(Osaka University)

Live Demonstration:
Keiichiro Shibuya × Kouka-roid

Sun, 6 Dec 2015 19:00 ~

Home gallery and Gallery I, Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto.

To join, please apply by double postcard. Dead line is the end of October.


THINK_60 Keiichiro Shibuya

keiichiro_makoto - コピー

Keiichiro Shibuya will appear on the talk project “THINK” presented by an architect, Makoto Tanijiri.

Talk: Keiichiro Shibuya × Makoto Tanijiri
Keiichiro Shibuya (Fender Rhodes)

Fri, 4 Dec 2015 Open: 19:00 ~ | Start: 19:30 ~ | AFTER PARTY: 21:30 ~ 22:30

15-1 Funairihon-machi Naka-ku Hiroshima 730-0843 JAPAN 3F
TEL +81(82)961-3000

1,000yen (no appointment required)


UN.a 1st album “Intersecting” release party
Keiichiro Shibuya performs as special guest


UN.a official web

■UN.a (band set)
special guest
Keiichiro Shibuya(ATAK)
■Oyasumi Hologram

Date:Thu, 3 Dec 2015 19:30 ~

3-1-25 Nishiazabu Minato-ku Tokyo B1F

ADV. 2500yen / DOOR 3000yen (+drink)
ticket info


Keiichiro Shibuya Live Performance
at Theatre des Sablons Paris
“Le Labyrinthe Intangible”

Le Labyrinthe Intangible

L’exposition du peintre japonais Aki Kuroda habitant à Paris se tiendra au théâtre des Sablons de la ville de Neuillysur-Seine du 17 octobre au 28 novembre 2015.
Le titre de l’exposition, «Cosmogarden » est également utilisé comme le nom d’une série d’art fluxionnel et interactive d’installations que KURODA organise avec des Artistes d’origines diverses comme des danseurs,acteurs ou musiciens et ce depuis 1992.
La série a été élaboré avec un ensemble de plusieurs mythes que KURODA a utilisé comme concepts pour son travail dans différent domaines. Le plubic a toujours été libre d’entrer dans l’espace de création pour laisser libre cours à sa propre perception et imagination.
COSMOGARDEN10 « le labyrinthe Intangible » sera une première collaboration d’artistes les plus en vus dans leur domaine respectif au Japon et en France: 1 peintre, 2 musiciens, 2 danseurs, 1 poète.

An exhibition of a Paris based Japanese painter, Aki KURODA will be held at the theatre des Sablons of the City of Nuilly-sur-Seine from the 17h October to 28h November 2015.
The title of the exhibition, « COSMOGARDEN » is also used as a name of a series of a fluxional interactive art spectacles/installations which KURODA has been organizing together with various Artists such as Dancers, Actors, and Musicians since 1992.
The series were constructed together with Several myths which KURODA has been using as his concepts for his work in different medias and the audiences were let to enter and indulge in the space with liberal imaginations and perceptions of their own.
COSMOGARDEN10 “le labyrinthe Intangible (Intangible Labyrinth)” will be a first collaboration of one of the best artists of their divers background from Japan and France : 1 Painter, 2 Musicians, 2 Dancers, 1 Poem Performer.

PARADIS COSMIQUE website (detail & reservation)
Event information on website of théâtre des Sablons

Date:Wed 25 Nov 2015 20:00 ~ 21:00

Théâtre des Sablons Salle d’exposition
70 AV du Roule 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine FRANCE

Staff / Creative Staff
Direction : Aki KURODA+Kiichiro SHIBUYA
Choregraphie : Jeremie BELINGARD+Nobuyoshi ASAI
Composition : Keiichiro SHIBUYA
Light : Thibaut HOK
Photo : Yasuhiro YOKOTA, Quentin CAFFIER
Video : Ko ODA, Justine EMARD
Assistant Production : Chikako KIYOHARA (PIERRE MIORIR)
General Director : Shu OKUNO(PIERRE MIORIR)
Producer : Sono FUKUNISHI
Co-Producer : Joseph BELINGARD
Production : COSMOGARDEN10&11 project committee (Paradis Cosmique)

Art : Aki KURODA
Music : Keiichiro SHIBUYA
Music : Gasper Claus
Dance : Jeremie Belingard
Dance : Nobuyoshi ASAI
Poesie : Timotee Laine


collaboration with Keiichiro Shibuya

The TAE ASHIDA Spring-Summer 2016 Collection will be presented at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, on Friday 16th October.
The show will be live streamed from 16.30 Japan time on the following sites:

Tae Ashida’s Official Website


THE END Shanghai Stage was postponed

The vocaloid opera ”THE END” at Shanghai Grand Stage on 17th October, 2015. It became the postponement due to the circumstances of the Shanghai international art festival as a sponsor in China.

1) We have adjusting it by the next spring. We will tell you about it on the ATAK official sites as soona as any decision.

2) It is to be refunded money to an account from Damai, if you bought the ticket.

3) This work garner good reviews at the Amsterdam on this June, and we will have an invitation performance in Europe in 2016.

We will informed you as soon as we make any decision.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
We would appreciate your continued support.


Forbes JAPAN x Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Special Event

Keiichiro Shibuya will talk with Andrea Battistoni.

Date:Sun, 6 Sep 2015

14:00 ~ 15:30 Lecture:
Andrea Battistoni (Principal Guest Conductor)

16:30-17:30 Talk:
Andrea Battistoni x Keiichiro Shibuya

Application starts on 27 Aug


Ermenegildo Zegna “MADE IN JAPAN” project

Keiichiro Shibuya composed new music and was shot as a model for the campaign.

campaign site


Keiichiro Shibuya Solo Concert
“Playing Piano with No Speakers”


Wed, 2 Sep 2015 Open: 18:30 ~ Start: 19:00 ~
The, 3 Sep 2015 Open:18:30 ~ Start: 19:00 ~

3-53-16 Idzumi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

ADV 5000yen (tax not included)
DAY 6500yen (tax not included)
100 seats / free seating

Keiichiro Shibuya gives piano solo concert with neither speakers nor microphones at the venue in which “ATAK015 for maria” originated 7 years ago.