TITLE: Playing Piano with No Speakers
ARTIST: Keiichiro Shibuya

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Keiichiro Shibuya performs a unplugged piano solo concert for one night stand.

In this month Shibuya performed and achieved a great success in Palais Garnier, he announced new piano solo concert in Japan.

This is a sequel to his concert series “Playing Piano with No Speakers”. There is no rights, microphones and speakers, you can experience a completely unplugged piano solo performance.

The venue is Daikanyama HILLSIDE PLAZA. There is only 200 seats, so the ticket will be sold out soon.

He plays a Boesendorfer, be of a fair size about 275 centimetre. It has been announced a first performance of new song presented in Plais Garnier, as piano solo version.

In recent years, he has performed mainly in Europe, it is a precious opportunity to listen to his solo performance in Japan. So this piano solo concert is must-sees.


18 June 2017(Sun)
Open 18:00
Start 19:00

18-8 Sarugakucho Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Tokyu Toyoko Line Daikanaya Station, 3 minutes on foot.
The venue is in the basement.

Performance:Keiichiro Shibuya(Piano)
Venue:Daikanyama HILLSIDE PLAZA 29−10 Sarugakucho Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Date:2017/6/18(Sun) Open 18:00 Start 19:00
Charge:ADV Seat S 7,000yen(Without Tax、from first to third row)
ADV Seat A 5,000yen(Without Tax) 
DOS Seat S 9,000yen(Without Tax, There is no DOS ticket in case of sold out of ADV ticket)
DOS Seat A 6,500yen(Without Tax、There is no DOS ticket in case of sold out of ADV ticket) 
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※Enter in order of arrival, no standing room.
※Signing session will be hold for applicant to buy CDs after each performance.
※You cannot cancel and change of orders.
※Pre-school child are not allowed in. And if there is a judgment to cause trouble for someone in the hall, admission may be restricted.
※You cannot enter after curtain time, please don’t be late.
※You cannot take recording equipments(recorder, camera, video etc.), food and drink, cigarette, and dangerous goods into the hall. If you don’t follow it, you may delete the camera date and cancel the ticket, and leave the hall.

I started a concert series “Playing Piano with No Speakers” in 2015. I’ve had a simple concept, there were no microphones and speakers, it become a completely unplugged piano solo concert. And this concept is a inquiry “ how can I scrap off excessive elements and sharpen a form of piano solo concert.”

Piano solo concert is the most simple form in my activities. And subtracting elements from it furthermore, I’ve got a new form. There are no dress, MC… and lighting, interval of songs, and encore, in a blackout, I play my pieces, impromptu songs, and classic pieces mash upped without stopping up to a rest time among the first half and the last half.

I cannot say it well, it is a kind of expression of non-dimensional time, I feel there is a sense that a border of time and space are melted away, I think audience may have same sense.

There is sound from piano directly and resonance of instruments, and it is offered only to limited number of audience.
To realize it as a concert, it is required a excellent piano and a hall corresponding to that.
When doing this unplugged concert for the first time in two years, I selected Daikanyama HILLSIDE PLAZA as venue.

I hold my concert “Playing for maria” five years ago in this hall, I still remember the sound reverberation and touch of the piano there.
The touch of the Boesendorfer in this hall, be of a fair size about 275 centimetre, has some thrill like steering a ship, it was engraved on my memory.

The hall will be blackout, and there will be no speakers, the piano established at the center of the hall, and the audience seats encircled. The piano will be tuned carefully for that concert.
I’m thinking about playing my new piece presented in Plais Garnier, as piano solo for the first time.

And this day, 18th June is the tenth anniversary of maria’s death, I dedicate this concert to her.

Keiichiro Shibuya

Performance / Keiichiro Shibuya
Host / ATAK