New Movie Work is Unveiled
“Playing Piano Plus”
Shot and edited by Tomohito Wakui

Keiichiro Shibuya has held the annual piano solo concert at the end of the year. The last one, 4th December 2016 was titled “Playing Piano Plus“.

In the last concert, he performed a piano and sax duo with Naruyoshi Kikuchi in the matinee, and presented a collaboration with Mirai Moriyama’s dance in the soiree, with the intention of performing with independent artists who doesn’t hert together certainly.

This time, new video work of the last concert was published dividing into two parts. It was shot and edited by Tomohito Wakui, getting attention as a new-generation artist. He has released some works expressing primitive possibility of technology, combining junk parts and audios by programming.

This is a new style of video work only he can do, it ‘s not just a recording.