2004 12 23

ATAK night_tokyo

ATAK night_tokyo

open 20:00 start 20:30 (until midnight)

@ superdeluxe
tel 03.5412.0515
B1F 3-1-25 nishiazabu minatoku tokyo

live performance by
keiichiro shibuya (ATAK) _laptop,piano etc.
yuji takahashi_laptop,piano etc.
stilluppsteypa a.k.a sigtryggur sigmarsson_electronics
atsuhiro ito_optron,toy turn table
maria (ATAK)_laptop,electronics
“the end of the world is not the end of the sound” by all

visuals by ATAK

4.1ch sound system by AO (SPACE ECHO)

space design by myeong-hee lee (ATAK,matt)

door 3500yen with 1drink / with flyer 3000yen with 1drink

presented by ATAK

superdeluxe:tel 03.5412.0515