Ø Mika Vainio

18 February 2009 Released

“oleva” was a process of 3 years. after it had became clear what the general feeling and atmosphere would be, i started to think basic ideas and structures for the album. to be able to concentrate properly to each track, i kept a slow working pace in studio, and it took about two years to complete the whole thing. i have always listened many kinds of music. on this album my main influences have possibly been music of Harold Budd, composers of electro-acoustic music like Bernard Parmegiani and Gordon Mumma, and always important Kraftwerk. however, my influences come from many kinds of sources. visual arts, literature, science. to mention two examples. track 11. “kausaaliton” (noncausal) became from the question, integral in quantumphysics, if anything can exist without a cause. Andrei Tarkovsky has been most important movie director for me. track 12.”muistetun palaava taajuus” (the returning frequency of remembered) came to be from the feelings his movie Solaris evoked in me.
everything is finally, in the end, a state of mind. “oleva” which means “existing” in english, has been personally important one.


M.V. 5th.January. 2009.