kimcascone + jason kahn + steinbruechel

27 November 2004 Released

Jason Kahn: a percussionist who uses reverberation to its fullest effect.
Steinbruehel: a new star in microsonic music. Kim Cascone: a laptop musician who works in Max/MSP. The microscopic sounds born in the space “in between” these three composers sometimes gently soothe, while at other times, harshly challenge the listener.


Atsushi Sasaki (HEADZ/FADER)



The CD that arrived on ATAK’s desk contained minimalist, delicate but complex and beautiful music. ATAK, known mainly as a label focused on rhythm and tone, never expected to release an album quite like this; one could listen to this album for hours, like the sound of running water. Because works of this quality are rare, we were very happy to release this CD on ATAK.


Keiichiro Shibuya (ATAK)