Keiichiro Shibuya

11 September 2011 Released

all tracks composition by Keiichiro Shibuya (ATAK)
track01,11 collaborate with Takashi Ikegami (The University of
Tokyo/complex system reserch)


track01,11 mixed by Keiichiro shibuya at ATAK Tokyo 2011
track02~10 mixed by Keiichiro shibuya + kimken at kimken studio 2004


mastered first version by kimken at kimken studio 2004
remastered by Masato Morisaki at saidera mastering


designed by Ryoji Tanaka (ATAK,semitransparent design)


production management: Sayaka Umezawa (ATAK)

production management assistant: Mayu Nemoto (ATAK)


The original version of this CD was released as ATAK000 keiichiro
shibuya in 2004. This album is remastered edition including 2 new
tracks. I would like to dedicate this to maria shibuya who co-produced
the 2004 first version.


Keiichiro Shibuya(ATAK)



Who said? Mathematics is not an art.
Who said? Calculation is not a creation.
Who said? Physics is not a mystery.


Who said? Human labor and the organic are heading in opposite directions.
A permanent feud exists between logic ruling the world and ideas forming the world.


Who said beauty was not able to arise from there?
Strictness, exactness and calculation never contradict emotional sensation.


Sounds are the numbers and sounds are things.
A new journey launches when you realize this.
Who said? It is not music.


The movement through the Sine Wave Renaissance to the Click & Cuts/Glitch Revolution generated a powerful drive shaping the history of electronic music.
And this is the perfect integration of all of the elements generated through this movement.


Infinite “music” pulses in the particles and structures of sound; this album is the highest masterpiece of “real” Composer, Shibuya Keiichiro.


atsushi sasaki (HEADZ/FADER)



From the time we started ATAK two years ago the release of this solo album has been on my mind.
I took number 000 and have been working on it non-stop ever since. Some stuff I threw out along the way, some pieces are from two years ago, and some songs are new.
The CD connects the time since I started ATAK with before – in sum, every little bit of me that exists today is in this album. This is the first time that I’ve ever thought, “If even one person listens to this, I’ll be happy”.


keiichiro shibuya (ATAK)