2020 03 28

World Premiere of SHIBUYA Keiichiro’s New Opera “Super Angels” Announced at the New National Theatre, Tokyo in August 2020

Super Angels, a new opera by Keiichiro Shibuya, will be performed at the New National Theatre of Japan on August 22 and 23, 2020.
This production is a special project of the New National Theatre, Tokyo and has been selected as a representative work of the Japan Culture Expo, a program of the Agency for Cultural Affairs that aims to convey the appeal of Japan to the world. Through new theatrical productions that incorporate the themes of “science and technology” and “symbiosis,” the work exposes the possibilities of the performing arts to the world.


The project was planned by Kazushi Ohno, a world-renowned conductor, Music Director of the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and Artistic Director of the New National Theatre Opera. The script was written by Masahiko Shimada and composed by Keiichiro Shibuya. General stage design is by Shizuka Hariu, who works mainly in Europe, and Weirdcore, who is known for his VJ and artwork for the world-famous techno artist Aphex Twin. The conduction is by Kazushi Ohno and the direction is by Eriko Ogawa, artistic director of the New National Theatre of Japan.


The opera also features AI android “Alter 3” as the core of the story, while the children’s chorus, which is the other core of the story, sing and act out the interaction between the android and the children. Along with the children, opera singers and the New National Theatre Choir also will perform. The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra will serve as orchestrator. In addition, the ballet company of the New National Theatre of Japan will participate in the performance, bringing together all genres of opera, dance and drama for the first time since the beginning of the New National Theatre of Japan.


About the ticket:
Pre-sale period for Atre members: May 17 (Sunday) – May 27 (Wednesday), 2020
General Release Date: Sunday, May 31, 2020, 10:00 a.m.

Children (4 years old to elementary school) 2,200 yen
Adults (junior high school students and above) 3300 yen


The New National Theatre, Tokyo HP
Super Angels, a new opera created by children and androids



Project Supervision / Conductor: ONO Kazushi
Libretto: SHIMADA Masahiko
Music by: SHIBUYA Keiichiro

Stage Director: OGAWA Eriko
Creative Art Director
(Set, Costume, Lighting Design and Video Direction): HARIU Shizuka
Video: Weirdcore

Choreographer: KAIKAWA Tetsuo
Choreographic Advisor: OHARA Noriko



Golem 3: Alter 3 (Supported by mixi, Inc.)
Akira: FUJIKI Daichi
Erika: MIYAKE Rie
George: NARITA Hiroyuki
Luisi: KOIZUMI Eiko


Setagaya Junior Chorus,

Nerima Children’s Chorus Group,

New National Theatre Chorus

Dancers from The National Ballet of Japan:




Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra