2021 07 12

8/21,22 (Sat-Sun) New Grand Opera “Super Angels” composed by SHIBUYA at New National Theatre Tokyo

 On the 21st and 22nd of August at the New National Theatre, Tokyo, the world premiere of Super Angels, a new opera by musician/composer SHIBUYA Keiichiro will occur.


In addition to the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Kazushi Ohno, the cast includes the android “Alter3 (Supported by mixi, Inc.)”, the world-famous countertenor Daichi Fujiki, ballet dancers, and a chorus of children with visual and hearing disabilities. In addition, WEiRDCORE to create a video presentation of the work, creating a spectacular collaboration that transcends the boundaries of opera


Masahiko Shimada will write the original script. The video will be created by WEiRDCORE, who has attracted international attention for his collaborations with Aphex Twin and Arca. Shizuka Hariu will direct the stage design, the first Japanese female artist to win the World Stage Design Bronze Award.


It is a unique project on the themes of “science and technology” and “symbiosis,” produced by the three divisions of the New National Theatre, Tokyo: opera, dance, and theatre. The dance scenes will be choreographed by Tetsuo Kaikawa (supervised by Eiko Ohara) of Tokyo’s New National Theatre.


The cast includes the android “Alter3”, with whom Shibuya has worked since “Scary Beauty,” as one of the main characters. Daichi Fujiki, who made his debut as a countertenor at the Vienna State Opera with great success, like Akira, and Erika, with whom Akira is in love. As Erika, Akira’s love interest, one of Japan’s leading opera singers, will perform. The New National Theatre Chorus, the Setagaya Junior Chorus, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and the New National Theatre Ballet will also perform.


The graduation ceremony of a school. At the age of 15, the graduates are selected by an aptitude test and placed under the control of the omniscient and omnipotent AI “Mother”. Akira is designated as a “heretic” and is sent to the frontier, where he meets Golem 3, an android in charge of his education. Through his interactions with Akira and the AI doctor Erika, Golem 3 senses human emotions such as desire and prayer and the power of dreaming and is determined to create something extraordinary.



General Producer / Conductor: ONO Kazushi
Libretto: SHIMADA Masahiko
Music: SHIBUYA Keiichiro
Supervisor of Stage Direction: OGAWA Eriko
Creative Art Direction
(Set, Costume, Lighting Design and Video Direction):HARIU Shizuka
Choreographer: KAIKAWA Tetsuo
Choreographic Advisor: OHARA Noriko
Associate Stage Director: SAWADA Yasuko
Alter3 Programming: IMAI Shintaro

A collaborative project of Opera, Ballet & Dance and Drama divisions of the NNTT
Artistic Directors of New National Theatre, Tokyo
Opera: ONO Kazushi
Ballet & Dance: YOSHIDA Miyako
Drama: OGAWA Eriko



Golem3: Alter3 (Supported by mixi, Inc.)
Akira: FUJIKI Daichi
Erika: MIYAKE Rie
George: NARITA Hiroyuki
Luisi: KOIZUMI Eiko
Setagaya Junior Chorus
The White Hands Chorus NIPPON
New National Theatre Chorus

(The National Ballet of Japan)
Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra