2019 07 31

JARU JARU x Keiichiro Shibuya
JARU JARU’s “Super Skit LIVE” in Spiral Hall

Keiichiro Shibuya will collaborate with Japanese comedian JARU JARU at live “Super Skit LIVE (超コントLIVE)” in Spiral Hall on 15th of September.


“Super Skit LIVE (超コントLIVE)” is the special performance where they improvise a skit with the theme created on the spot, without any preparation beforehand. At this show, Keiichiro Shibuya will improvise music with his piano and electronics sounds.
This stage will be produced by Mitsuru Kuramoto, a famous producer of popular Japanese comedy TV programs such as “Downtown DX (ダウンタウン DX)” and “M-1 grand prize (M-1 グランプリ)”.


On that day, there will be another performance in the daytime called “JARU JARU TOWER 2018”, the most popular show in their past lives.




Title: JART presents “JARU JARU TOWER2018 -super replay-”
Performer: JARU JARU
Venue: Spiral Hall, Tokyo
Date: 9/15/2019  Open 13:30pm Start 14:00pm
Ticket: Advance 6,000JPY (Incl. tax)


Title: JART presents “Super Skit PLUS (超コントPLUS) feat. Keiichiro Shibuya”
Performer: JARU JARU, Keiichiro Shibuya
Venue: Spiral Hall, Tokyo
Date: 9/15/2019  Open 18:30pm Start 19:00pm
Ticket: Advance 3,000JPY (Incl. tax)


Buy tickets:
– To be sold at MINATO (1st floor, in Spiral Hall) from Aug 1st.
– To be sold on various Play guide (URL to be updated) from Aug 10th.


*Children under five are admitted free of charge if they can sit on their parents knees. Charged if you need a seat.
*Recording, photography, streaming with a video, camera or mobile will be prohibited.
*For those who in a wheelchair, please contact a reservation inquiry dial [TEL] 0570 (550) 100 (10:00-19:00/Open throughout the year), before buying a ticket.