ATAK Starts Music Distribution for the World
Discontinued Products are Revived


ATAK starts music distribution of their all works since 2002 for the world on more than 30 online music distribution stores(iTunes, Amason Music etc.)from September 11 2017. On the 11th day of every month, 3 to 4 works are distributed sequentially.

High-quality music sources are distributed from OTOTOY on the 11th day of every month and interview about distributed album by keiichiro Shibuya is carried on the web site in a serial form concurrently.

At September 11, The three works 「ATAK001」「ATAK002」「ATAK015 for maria」go on sale, you can download on the each online music distribution services(iTunes Music Store etc.)

「ATAK001」is the first work of ATAK released at November 2002. It is full album by ”slipped disk”, its a laptop duo by Keiichiro Shibuya and maria, she is his partner and founding partner of ATAK.「ATAK001」 became a striking work for not only music field, but also art and design field due to their sound mixed musical complexity and strong groove.


「ATAK002」is a monumental work that Yuji Takahashi came back to electronic music field(He had put an end to that up to that time)with laptop. And it is a collaborated work with Keiichiro Shibuya. This had been discontinued work for long time, its a revival we had hoped for.


「ATAK015 for maria」is Keiichiro Shibuya’s first piano solo album released in 2008. This work, exceptionally long seller for a piano solo album, proved that an acoustic album with high quality of sound and high-resolution could become a cutting edge work for electric music, due to full use of DSD recording and mastering, ahead of the recent boom of high-resolution. This work is became a major turning point for him.

Before now we could download and buy only overseas, from September 11 you can get these works in Japan. In OTOTOY, DSD datas are released.
◼︎High-Quality Music Sources


First Distribution

ATAK015 for maria(DSD 2.8MHz)


ATAK015 for maria


 slipped disk


Keiichiro Shibuya + Yuji Takahashi