In 2002, Maria founded an independent label ATAK and put together a laptop duo called “slipped disk”, together with Keiichiro Shibuya. “slipped disk” released an album “ATAK001 slipped disk” and gave a lot of live performances.
She, as a key member of ATAK, also directs many sound installations and visual works(video arts, etc). She contributes enormously to the activity of the label in multimodal areas. “filmachine”, an installation work in which she participated as computer sound generator/processor and director, was awarded at the digital music category of the Ars Electronica in 2007 and toured several countries in Europe.
In addition, she played in many places as a soloist, and co-stared with musicians such as Gunter Muller and Yuji Takahashi. Her play style focused on silence attracted many audiences.

ATAK001 slipped disk(2002)
60 sound artist protest the war (2003)
BERGBAHN Flux Figure Transform (2004)
ATAK007 yuji takahashi+keiichiro shibuya+maria(2006)

drill(2003):sound generation, project direction
s[a:ou]nd(2004):object design, project direction
Description Instability(2005):CCD camara design, project direction
filmachine(2006):sound generation/prossesing, project management